Pool Service Honolulu Certified Professionals

At Perfect Pools Oahu, we guarantee the most reliable Honolulu Pool Service. We are certified, Insured pool service professionals dedicated to making your pool worry free. When you choose pool service with Perfect Pools Oahu, you are making the right step to taking one thing off your “to do” list…why clean and balance the chemicals in your pool when you can have someone else do it very inexpensively? Let us do what we do best, while you go about living your life. We also provide the most efficient and economical Honolulu Pool Repair . As a pool service client you will receive 10% discount pool repair parts and labor.

Pool Service Honolulu

  • Diagnosis and repair of pool equipment, heaters, pumps, and remote systems
  • Installation and upgrades (including energy-efficient models)
  • Salt Systems maintained
  • Chlorine pool cleaning and conditioning on a regular basis

Top 5 qualities that set us apart from other pool services

  • Owner operator service / Certified CPO pool Tech
  • All of our service people are licensed and insured
  • Pool Repairs are performed within 48 hours of your call
  • Your service account is monitored digitally
  • We are a licensed warranty station for pool equipment

Pool service Honolulu 10 point service program includes:

  • Vacuum as needed
  • Backwash pool filter as needed
  • White net surface of pool
  • Add water as needed
  • Brush any yellow or green algae off pool walls
  • Empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets
  • Test Chemical levels (PH, Alkalinity, Sanitizer,)
  • Inspect all pool equipment for leaks
  • Inform customer of anything wrong
Honolulu / Island wide: 754 - 6090




Pool repair Honolulu

In addition to servicing your pool on a weekly basis, we can address any problems and repair your pools equipment. We work on Pac Fab pool pumps and Pentair Pool pumps. We can fix Hayward sand filters and Hayward pool sweeps. Whether you have a Pentair, Hayward or other pool brand motor, pool sweep or filter, we can fix it.

Variable Speed, Energy Efficient Pool Pumps

These pumps pay for themselves is around 18 months with the money you save on your electrical bill. (Especially here in Hawaii) If you’re a Swimming Pool Service Honolulu customer…you receive 10% off all repair parts and labor. This is significant as standard equipment repairs usually range from $120 to $1200. When it comes to Honolulu Pool Repair, call Perfect Pools Oahu for fast service and the best pricing.

We service: Polaris pool sweeps, Hayward pool sweeps, Pac Fab pool pumps, Pentair Pool pumps, Hayward and Pentair sand and DE pool filters, Pentair salt systems, Hayward salt systems.

10% off installation of Pentair salt cells and energy efficient pool pumps. One month free pool service when you choose Perfect Pools Oahu.

Weekly service customers receive 10% off all repair labor and parts.

Pool Service Honolulu Tips / Tricks

And baking soda, at $0.40/lb. is a whole lot cheaper than "Alkalinity Increaser" for $1.10/lb. Both are 100% sodium bicarbonate.

Virtually all grocery stores have bleach (sodium hypochlorite), baking soda , and borax. Household bleach (6%) at $2/gallon is no great bargain -- but it's a functional substitute for any chlorine compound, and easy to get when you are in a hurry. One gallon of bleach is equal in chlorine content to 2/3 lb. of shock (calcium hypochlorite). Put another way, one gallon will add about 2 ppm chlorine to a 30,000 gallon pool.

Pools don't forgive

Ever. They don't demand much, but they absolutely will not forgive you if you don't do what they do demand. Taking care of a swimming pool is sort of like taking care of a really, really easy pet -- say, a gold fish. It's not hard, but you can't let it slide either. Ignore your goldfish, and it dies. Ignore your pool and it . . . comes to life! Be consistent -- or be green! Skip a week in midsummer and you'll be able to admire your new pond, complete with frogs! Skip three weeks, and you may need a federal environmental impact study before obtaining a permit to drain that 20 x 40 wetland in your backyard.

Cleaning matters, too

It's not necessary (at least for your pool's sake) for your skimmers to be spotless and each bug and leaf to be removed every morning. But regular cleaning is necessary. Algae hides and waits in corners and crannies. Leaf choked skimmers can't skim. And, dirty filters don't filter very well. A general rule of thumb? Clean your pool and filter weekly, and vacuum and clean skimmers after each thunderstorm, if you live in an area with wind blown debris.


This letter is to recommend Chris Keane for swimming pool maintenance and repair in Honolulu. My family has used Perfect Pools Oahu for over a year now and has received regular reliable pool service. Perfect Pools changed our pool from chlorine to salt and also replaced our old pool motor with an energy efficient variable speed pool motor. Chris is always prompt on his service day and informs us of any issues with the pool.

Paul Lee, Honolulu Hi

To Whom It May Concern:
Perfect Pools Oahu provides reliable pool service. Chris Keane has serviced our pool for over a year now and has done a great job. We let our last pool tech go because our pool was not getting serviced on a regular basis. Chris has a good knowledge of the chemical balance of our pool and seems to have a good knowledge of pool equipment repairs. Chris changed our sand in our filter and installed a new variable speed pool motor which is energy efficient. Chris is diligent about leaving a not for my wife or I about low pool water or any other issues he may see. I would recommend Chris of Perfect Pools Oahu for reliable pool service in Honolulu Hi.

Jimmy Choi, Koko Kai
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